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List of Active Copay Discounts September 7, 2009

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Did you know you can save a lot of money on copays you pay for your medicines? Pharmaceutical companies regularly run discount offers on copays, to make their drugs more affordable. Until now only the doctor knew about it. But now we are bringing this information to you. This is not a recomendation for you to take these medications because only your doctor can tell you if any medicine is right for you or not.

ACTOS (Up to $50 off on your copay or out-of-pocket cost. Exp: 9-30-09. Click Here)

AMITIZA (Up to $35 off on 12 monthly prescriptions. Exp: 12-31-2010 Click Here)

ANTARA ($30 off your prescription each month for next twelve months. Total savings up to $360. Exp: 2-28-2011)

CRESTOR (Up to $15 off for next eleven refills using crestor savings card. Click Here for a free thirty day trial coupon and they will send you CRESTOR saving card for copay discount.)